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Smart Snowmobile Volunteer Projects Section
Updated February 20, 2018

Smart Snowmobile club will have all kinds of volunteer projects that need to be done, from outdoors tasks to office work to assisting with social activities or fundraising. Whatever your skill or interest, we will strive to make your investment with us productive, rewarding, and most of all, fun. Smart Snowmobile club relies on active volunteers to get the job done.
You don't have to be a snowmobiler. Anyone who wants to contribute to the betterment of their community can help out. Whether you have a lot of time or just a little, your local snowmobile club can tailor a specific job suited to your abilities and skills.


Volunteer Of The Year Awards

John Clark and Ron Martin 99/00
Peggy Fouracre and Don Martin 00/2001
Barry Wideman and Tom Wideman 01/02
Dave Clark 02/03
Rob Roth and Morley Machant 03/04
John Swales and Peggy Fouracre 04/05
Kevin Bruce and Bruce Martin 05/06
Jean and Greg Rapson 2007
Andy Dunlop and Tracy Roth 2008
Jim Fouracre and Pam Martin 2009
Bob McKeller 2010
Randy Martin 2012
Jim Roth


OFSC Family Achievement Award

The Martin Family

Tracy and Rob Roth and Family