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December 17, 2016

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Smart Snowmobile Club welcomes anyone who wishes to VOLUNTEER. Even if you can only help for one day. It will make a great contribution to our club. Please e-mail Don, we need your help. Thank you

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I am receiving a lot of emails, texts and phone calls asking about the trails and the ice so people can get to their cottages. So here is a quick Cole’s note version of what reality is although everyone thinks lots of snow so now I can go snowmobiling.

Ice Conditions: last Friday night the bays (Wood Bay, Lost Channel, MacLean Lake, got to nearly 1” of good blue ice. The river remains wide open. High winds on Wednesday with 2 foot waves didn’t make ice. Then there were 5 days of zero temps and 2 feet of snow. The ice actually deteriorated to slush and is now very unsafe. I checked Wood Bay yesterday and I could push a shovel through the ice. I even thought I would be able to stand on it. Then we received another foot of snow.

Trails: There is absolutely no frost in the ground. The snow in the bush is actually melting from the bottom up. There was only 4-5 inches of snow yesterday in the bush before the latest snowfall. Rocks were showing. Therefore the ruts and swamps are nowhere near frozen. Our equipment will be severely damaged if we were to try and groom. We will be taking out the Skandics shortly to try and pack the trails. It is going to be very muddy and a very difficult task with all this snow and no frost.

So please be patient. I know it is difficult for most to comprehend all this snow and no trails open. The SMART Club will be doing their best with what Mother Nature has provided us with. We shall post pictures shortly of what I am trying to say about the mud. Unfortunately our trail system is an absolute horror show with ruts caused by the ATV’s and 4X4 Mudder trucks. We do not have the luxury of abandoned railway beds, farm fields and logging roads like some clubs. It is a huge challenge for us.

Don Martin
SMART Club President

Coming Events in 2017

BBQ Fundraiser Boleau Lake


Family Ride

Smart would like to thank all the Volunteers
for ensuring 2015 - 2016 season was a
great successful year. Our Snowmobile Club
thrives because of you and your dedication to a wonderful sport and community activities. We hope to see you all next year and we hope for another season of snow like we had this season.

If you are interested in joining the club for a day out on the trails, some great riding, good food and excellent company please contact Don Martin at 705-686-7653 or at smart@amtelecom.net


OFSC wants District clubs to direct snowmobilers to their (OFSC) trail reports, for up to date trail conditions. Smart will not be posting trail conditions on the Smart Web site any longer.

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Due to high mailing costs, SCO will be going On-Line with its publication. Smart will keep the link on the left of this page for our members and viewers to get the news from Snowmobile Central Ontario.

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